Learn Simple Ways To Maintain A Website For Ecommerce Business Of Your Client

Website building is not just a one-time task. It requires regular maintenance to keep it fresh and updated. To keep things smooth, it is very much needed to maintain as well as monitor a website for all possible issues. This is because these issues can impact both the profitability and usability of a business.

You create a website suitable to clients need and budget but it is also essential to enhance their bottom line and prevent any problems. Here is some actionable advice provided to help maintain a good e-commerce website for your clients.

Move 3rd party code in Google Tag Manager

The website that you are maintaining has Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and other form of code snippets. Google’s “Tag Manager” allows website users to centralize as well as manage all the code obtained from a single place, without needing to manually go via the hard code.

The code snippet of Google Tag Manager has to be placed in the <head> section. Whenever, you need to perform installation of some tool such as Hotjar, LiveChat or Analytics, all you need to do is to visit the website of Google Tag Manager and add that code.

Tag Manager is surely a better option than placing a 3rd party code throughout the website due to below reasons:

  • Makes website faster by gaining greater control over the website.
  • No need of developers tries a new tool.
  • Everything when comes at one place makes it easy to manage things.
  • Easily remove tools that are no longer in use.
  • Trigger tracking actions without touching your existing HTML code.
  • Set up advanced level analytics, with the help of triggers, data layers and variables.
  • Quickly return the modifications when something goes wrong.
  • Easily test new code in order to ensure everything works in an expected way prior to taking your website live.

Monitor 404 web pages in Search Console

Google Search Console allows you to see the way how Google search engine views the website that you are currently working on. It suggests the level of HTML enhancements that will be required to be made, allows you to see the way the website looks in the search results, are all the web pages are indexed by Google, who links them to the website, and a lot more.

Conduct NPS surveys

Net Promoter Score survey is a remarkable tool to measure relationship of a business with its customer.


To maintain a website requires a lot of work as building it.  It is therefore important that its maintenance and development are entirely two different kinds of work. All these tips will help you maintain it properly.

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